CV Writing

Thinking of changing your job?  Make sure your CV is up to it and that you have a strong LinkedIn profile.

Your CV needs to be clear, concise and promote your relevant skills and experience, and ideally be no more than 2 pages long.  CVs are generally skim-read in about 30 seconds so your suitability to the role needs to stand out quickly and clearly

It must also contain keywords relevant to the position you’re applying for.  Recruitment companies sift CVs using Application Tracking Systems (ATS) and if your CV doesn’t match their keyword requirements you won’t be considered.

You’ll also need an effective LinkedIn profile that complements your CV as recruiters and employers will check your profile.  It should not just be a copy of your CV; your LI profile should be written in a more personal style.

Services available

  • Full CV Writing service including  a coaching consultation to bring out the best of your skills and experience and provide you with an ATS-friendly CV
  • Covering letter, tailored to the position you’re applying for or a template for you to change and adapt for each job you apply for
  • Fully personalised LinkedIn profile
  • Mock interviews tailored to the role you’ve applied for, with interview coaching included


  • CV – Prices from £75 – £125 for a professional CV and covering letter
  • LinkedIn profile – prices from £45
  • Interview Coaching – please contact me to discuss

For more details or to arrange a consultation, visit my Contact page or click here to send me a message.