Interview Coaching

You’ve got your CV and LinkedIn in good shape and you’ve applied for a new job…next you need to focus on the interview. 

How good are your interview skills? 

Below are some of the common areas where we often fall down in interviews:

  1. Not ‘selling’ your strengths, skills and achievements in a positive enough way
  2. Not giving clear examples that show how your skills and strengths match the role requirements
  3. Rambling and losing focus in your answer – often caused by nerves
  4. Not giving a full enough answer with examples that match the role requirements – usually caused by nerves or lack of preparation
  5. Not talking about your own achievements (using ‘we’ rather than ‘I’)
  6. Not demonstrating a genuine interest in the role and the company recruiting 

All of these areas and more can easily be overcome through good interview preparation and adopting successful interview techniques. 

Successfully handling interviews is a skill in itself and it’s a fact that we get better at interviews the more we practice, but you don’t want to be practicing your interviewing skills in a ‘live’ interview situation when everything is riding on it.  

Through Interview Coaching I can help you be well prepared for interviews and feel more confident in your answers and through an online mock interview, you will be able to practice your answers and get feedback on your interview technique – before you need it for the real thing.

Interview Skills Package

  • Choice of a 1-hour or 90 minute Interview Coaching session focusing on techniques and advice for preparing your interview answers
  • An online mock interview using the latest video interviewing software from Willo® to practice the techniques learnt in the coaching session
  • Verbal feedback on your interview (via phone or Zoom) to help iron out any issues and set you on your way to success at your next interview (1 hour)


  • Interview Coaching: 1 hour: £75 / 90 minutes: £95
  • Mock Interview and Feedback: £150